K-9 + Thunderbird

Is the K-9 integration to Thundebird still on track?

Is there any particular reason for sharing your insecurities?

Sure it is, on Twitter Thunderbird announced updates for K-9 already :sunglasses:

β€œIs there any particular reason for sharing your insecurities?” - Milo

Not insecure, Milo. A legitimate question. The awareness of the TBird Android app is growing so clients like mine have a professional interest and questions. Your response, on the other hand, not so professional. I will give the forum the benefit of the doubt that the majority of members are more constructive, as demonstrated by the response by Nimueh. Thank you Nimueh.

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Thank you for adding even more fact-free information. News tends to be published when it is time, not when you ask for it :slight_smile: