K-9 Startpage Content / Folder Overview

Hi, I just upgraded from an older version of K-9 (5.600) to the newest one (6.803 from F-Droid Store) on a new device. I imported my previous settings, but the starting behaviour is different now.

Old K-9 used to start with an account overview. When I opened one of the accounts, I saw all of the account’s folders - but NO emails (which is incredibly important to me!)

I don’t want to see ANY emails when I open K-9. Just all my accounts and then all the account’s folders.

How can I achieve this? I couldn’t find any setting… Do I have to go back to 5.600?

Sorry for my bad English…


What I want to see when I open K-9 is the side drawer, but on the entire screen…

That hasn’t been an option in K-9 for years.

I would not recommend anyone run such outdated software.

I found the change initially unsettling, but adapted to the new layout rather quickly. I cannot promise that you will ever grow accustomed to it, but it may be worth a try.

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Yeah but what can I do? FairEmail is even worse and there doesn’t seem to be another foss alternative :slightly_frowning_face:

There are so many apps using these drawers now. That was already a fashion in the 2000s that I really detested. I don’t want to go back to this.

I have more then 100 folders in nine accounts, I need to see an overview. It just doesn’t make sense to show me the content of just one folder on the big screen while the important content is hidden in a drawer that keeps closing every time when I change accounts and needs to be pulled out again and again…

It now takes ages to check all these accounts.

I guess new K-9 just isn’t for me.

Is there any foss client that can show me an account overview and lets me see which of the accounts have new mails?

That’s the Unified Inbox and shows every new email for every account, all in 1 place. So you still see new emails at 1 glance :wink:

I put a lot of effort in creating filters to sort my mails into (many!) folders and now they’re all mixed up again? :anguished:

I just want to see

  • which accounts have new mails
  • which folders have new mails

when I open K-9.

But not the mails. They’re hundreds! I can’t deal with all of them on a mobile device. But I need to have an overview so I can see at a glance if any important folders have new mails.

It would still be less convenient than before, but I could live with that drawer if it would show my accounts, with the folders of the selected account in the background. Instead of the mails of one folder in the background. But there doesn’t seem to be a setting to achieve this?

Afraid not, I’ve never seen a setting like that :woman_shrugging:

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