K-9 on Android 8 with 1 Hotmail account - 'Authentication failed'?

Hi all - title says it all. Running an older Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime running Android 8.

K-9 installed (love it!) and all has been well for ages. The only email account set up in the app is my Hotmail account.

A few days ago, it started telling me that Authentication has failed in a phone notification, so I went into my Microsoft account and created a new app password…entered that new password in K-9, warning went away, email worked as normal.

But for days now I get ‘Authentication failed’ messages every few hours…yet the account in K-9 is still working perfectly? I don’t understand what the notification is for when my email is working fine?

Can anybody give me an idea what might be going on here? I’ve gone back into my Microsoft account and recreated and re-entered new app passwords into K-9 three times now…but still getting the error?

I’ve not changed ANYTHING on the phone or in K-9…the notification/error just started popping up one day. Was there a new updated to K-9 that may have caused this…?

Any help or suggestions are appreciated! Thanks! :slight_smile:

Microsoft is having issues with app passwords in the moment. This affects Office 365 / Microsoft 365 as well as Hotmail and Live accounts.

You can create a new app password (https://account. Cloud-Sicherheitsdienste | Microsoft Security) and the error will go away for a while. However, after a few connections, the error will return.

So basically, just wait until Microsoft fixes their problems and then create a new app password.


I hit this too the other day.

I can send email ok as of this afternoon. But couldn’t send. I’d complain, but I’m not paying them for anything other than anything they learn about me. I plan to wait.

OK, didn’t think it was my phone or my K-9 install! It’s been flawless otherwise and is still working, I just get those notifications every once and awhile!


I’m not really complaining, was just curious what was going on :slight_smile:

I’ll wait it out and see what happens too!

Mine seem to have been fixed. Not sure exactly when. But it took days. Now that’s service! haha