K-9 no longer fetches all messages

Recently K-9 has stopped pulling all messages from the POP3 server. Two things are noticed:

  1. Pulling down on the message list would not get all messages available. A subsequent pull would get the remainder.
  2. As messages come into the message list they have a new animation or something.
  3. A blue bar used to go across the top of the message list indicating progress. Now it doesn’t go or only goes a little bit and stops.
  4. After clearing local messages to see if that was the problem it will only pull a couple days from the server and three months worth are on the server.

I use Thunderbird on my PC for email. I leave messages on the server and delete when three months old. This allows me to view email on different platforms. I use K-9 when out and about. Over the past couple of weeks K-9 has become unusable because I can’t pull my email from the server. I verified the issue on three different android devices.

You might consider abandoning POP for IMAP since, unlike POP, IMAP is meant to be used on multiple devices. Leaving messages on the server with POP has always been a messy attempt to overcome limitations of the protocol.

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I am referencing the mailbox via IMAP and was mistaken.

There must have been a server issue. Now the app works ok. I uninstalled the app, reinstalled, and it would pull a few emails at a time then stop. This went on for a long time. Today it pulls all three months worth. The green status bar goes across the top and it works good.

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