K-9 Mail removed from Play Store?

Hi, what’s going wrong?


I have the same situation.
There is no news on Twitter.


I’d also like to know why the app has been removed from Google Play.

Is there something to worry about? Today, in the morning, I’ve received a broken update with 0kB through Google Play. Then the app vanished from Play.

Thanks for any update on the situation.



So I’ll switch to F-Droid as soon as it is available again.

By weird coincidence f-droid.org is also down today.
F-Droid Is Unreachable | Hacker News

As long as there are no squirrelly automatic updates I should be OK with 5.807 on my Chromebook. But it would be nice to be able to get legitimate future updates. What kind of credentials does Play Store want for an open source app?

Releases are also available here: Releases · k9mail/k-9 · GitHub

This isn’t the first time the app was removed from Google Play. I’m sure the app will be reinstated soon.

For now I updated the instructions for reviewers to explain what an email client is and why we didn’t provide any credentials. If that doesn’t work, I’ll have to set up an email account and add the credentials to the Google Play developer console for app reviewers to use :frowning:


The app is now available again from the Play Store.


Thank you for resuming
I was able to install it.

In June (2022), Google is ending support for external apps on ChromeOS. I use K-9 Mail regularly every day on my (older) Chromebook. What I don’t know is whether that means I would lose K-9 or whether the existing installed version would continue to work. Even on my Chromebook, I have come to depend on K-9, and I don’t know whether it would work as an extension or whether I would have to try to find something else.

K-9 Mail is not a Chrome app, it’s and Android app. Unless Chrome OS is dropping support for Android apps, you should be fine.

The app will become unable to authenticate on Google mail accounts from may 2022, as they added a policy to end regular login/password authentication without OAuth…
So, without further development, Google is actually killing this application.


The use of “regular” password will be disabled. Not “App password”.


That is wrong since you can still use App Passwords that you set in your Google account.

Edit: Ninja’d by @martinleben :grin:


App password implies using 2FA, which is another debate :slight_smile:

K-9 is available but the beta 5.914 is not. Both my devices have not been offered an update and are still at 5.913.

Because 5.914 is a PRE Release and you have to grab it from Github if you want it.

No. I have been a beta user on the Google Play store since the beginning and every update has come from the Play store. K-9 Mail disappeared from the Play Store shortly before 5.914 was released, since becoming available again is has been standing at 5.913.

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Right, I am also waiting for 5.914 which had been announced 6 days ago. And yes, I am also on Beta channel :slightly_smiling_face:

Apologies. I forgot to upload the new beta version to the Play Store when the app was reinstated. I did so now. It should be available for download soon.