K-9 Mail on PinePhone?

I’m switching from F-Droid based Android to the PinePhone, which lacks an email client that supports PGP encryption. Is there any chance of a K-9 Mail port to PinePhone?

I’ve just post this on the k9 Mail Matrix room:

Hi! I don’t know if this topic has already discussed but, what about a linux version for k9 Mail?

I’m using a pinephone, a linux phone, with Mobian OS (but that’s not important, because all linux applications are available on the other distros like Manjaro, Postmarket, KDE plasma…).

Well, there are a lot of interest and new users on Pinephone/Librem 4 phone, but the only email app used, Geary, lack a lot of features than K9 has.

I think it could be great to have K9 on linux (not just mobiles: any application on linux PC are available to mobile if it has an arm64 version, so if K9 Mail would have a linux version would be used on pc/laptops, tablet (pinetable), linux mobiles, Raspberry OS, etc)

Android and (desktop) Linux are fundamentally different platforms. A “port” would most likely mean rewriting at least half of the app.

Few days ago somebody talk me about Maui https://mauikit.org/ but I’m not a software developer… Just this idea seems great to me…

I suppose I could try to use K9 using Andbox or Waydroid…