K-9 mail on lineageOS?

I just installed LineageOS 17.1 (= Android 10) on my Pixel 3. I installed K-9 ver 5.904 and imported my backup config / accounts. (all POP3 acts)

K-9 only shows search, edit & 3 dot on the titlebar. No way for me to ask it to retrieve mail!

Does anyone know if K-9 will even work on LineageOS?

Also I know I entered at least 1 wrong password when verifying my imported accounts which it apparently accepted). When I go into settings to change it it refuses to show me the password because I haven’t set any lockscreen password (which I won’t do). Di I have to delete the accounts with wrong passwords and re-enter them all over again?

Swipe down to check for new messages. This works in the message list, the folder list in the side drawer, and the account list in the side drawer.

You should be able to replace the password nevertheless.

Sorry, I posted too soon. (The tablet I use every AM is still running 5.6 so I didn’t know about the swipe thing)

I re-entered my primary act password and now it works. Thanks for your help!