K-9 Mail keeps crashing on my Galaxy S21

K-9 suddenly started to crash on my Galaxy. It will close the app with an error message randomly. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but the same thing is happening. I have been using the app for years and never had an issue. Is anyone else experiencing this?


What is the error message? Is it always the same? Did you do an upgrade of K9 before? I guess you are using 6.202 which is crashing?

Could you try to send a debug log - not sure if after a crash the old log is still there though.

Also, if it happened after an upgrade, which version did you use before? Just asking as you could try to install that old version and see if this is stable which would give some hint that latest changes causing this.

Thank you very much for your response. I changed the setting to not display the unified Inbox. Shortly after that, an Android update was pushed out to my phone. Since then, I have not experienced any more crashes. I doubt the Unified Inbox setting fixed it, so I assume it was resolved by the Android update. I will post here again if the problem reoccurs. Have a great weekend! Steve