K-9 mail command: *sensitive*; response: #3# [NO, LOGIN failed.]

I use an office 365 account with IMAP since many years. Without doing or changing something I got this message since this morning. Before that, the e-mails were downloaded without any problems. But all of a sudden this message keeps popping up. Emails from other providers are still loaded with K-9 without any problems. IMAP is allowed for my account in office 365.

Is basic authentication still enabled in your tenant?

Yes. This is still enabled.

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I just received the same message. I followed the link, and I read, that Microsoft is once more improving things. Well, is this basic authentication is still enabled, what can be done? Can it be disabled?

thanks for any help.

If I remember correctly, I had a Google update on my phone shortly before the first error messages. I think it means waiting for Google to fix the problem.

The problem is solved. No idea if the cause was Microsoft or Google. But now everything works fine again.

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I confirm: K9 works again with an office 386 Email account. On Friday, I reinstalled everything. And it did not work. On Saturday, I used the web interface with Firefox. On Sunday, I start receivind Emails vie k9, without changing anything.

So either MS changed something, or my using of the Web Interface did the job. No idea, but it works