K-9 mail command: *sensitive*; response: #3# [NO, LOGIN failed.]

I use an office 365 account with IMAP since many years. Without doing or changing something I got this message since this morning. Before that, the e-mails were downloaded without any problems. But all of a sudden this message keeps popping up. Emails from other providers are still loaded with K-9 without any problems. IMAP is allowed for my account in office 365.

Is basic authentication still enabled in your tenant?

Yes. This is still enabled.

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I just received the same message. I followed the link, and I read, that Microsoft is once more improving things. Well, is this basic authentication is still enabled, what can be done? Can it be disabled?

thanks for any help.

If I remember correctly, I had a Google update on my phone shortly before the first error messages. I think it means waiting for Google to fix the problem.

The problem is solved. No idea if the cause was Microsoft or Google. But now everything works fine again.

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I confirm: K9 works again with an office 386 Email account. On Friday, I reinstalled everything. And it did not work. On Saturday, I used the web interface with Firefox. On Sunday, I start receivind Emails vie k9, without changing anything.

So either MS changed something, or my using of the Web Interface did the job. No idea, but it works

Has anyone found a resolution to this problem, other than to wait? I am now getting the same message on an account I have been using for years. My phone is up to date (Samsung S21). And second MS Exchange email address I am using with K9 Mail is working fine.

Might be related to

Also read my response on it, but in the meantime they seem to have it extended to 3rd quarter, too:

IMPORTANT: Sometime in second and third quarters of 2022 we will selectively pick tenants and disable Basic Auth for all affected protocols except SMTP AUTH for a period of 12-48 hours. After this time, Basic Auth for these protocols will be re-enabled, if the tenant admin has not already re-enabled them using our self-service tools.

Edit: also in the meantime K9 supports OAuth for office 365:

I have been using K-9 Mail for some years and love it, however, two days ago I started getting the Login error on one of my domains and today on the second one. From what I read, MS are turning off Basic Authentication because of security concerns and K-9 Mail is not being changed to handle Exchange Mail. I may be able to get Basic Authentication re-enabled for a while but seek confirmation that K-9 are sticking by their plan. I they are, then I may be forced to look for an alternative, but I really don’t want to

See How do I update an existing Microsoft Hotmail or Outlook.com account to use OAuth 2.0?

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