K-9 Mail and Surfshark VPN

Hello altogether. K-9 Mail is my favourite Email software on my LG G8S! It receives E-mails perfectly, but it does not send E-Mails if the Surfshark VPN which is also installed on my device is turned on. To send E-Mails, I have to disconnect from the VPN (and to re-connect after transmission). If I forgot to disconnect, the E-Mail is moved to the outbox instead of being sent. Has anyone heard of this behaviour, or an idea how to send while connected to Surfshark VPN?
Regards, W.

what port do you have configured for sending mail - 465, 587, 25? i’m not familiar with your vpn, but do you have to specifically configure a (privileged) port for outbound traffic?

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Have your read this and checked your K-9 configfor compatible settings?

This would also be my idea. However, I think Surfshark omitted the obvious reason in the article: Don’t use unencrypted email on a VPN!

If you don’t want people to see what you are doing or want to circumvent network/region restrictions, why trust the VPN operator?

Just switch ports and use TLS encryption.

This goes without saying regardless of VPN usage. There really aren’t any good reasons in the 21st century to not require TLS on email services. I’ll even go so far as to say that clients without TLS support should be retired rather than provided accommodation.