K-9 does not start anymore

Version 6.308
Installed through G playstory
Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro, MIUI 12.5.5
G Play update from Sept 1st

When I try to start the app a white screen appears for 10s of a second and closes.
The app then still appears in the list of open apps as white screen.

I believe this issue appeared after the last update.

Have you tried clearing the cache through Android settings?

If you have a backup of your accounts (and are using IMAP), you could also try clearing storage all together. That way, it would be as having the app freshly installed.

Thanks for your answer.
Yes, I have cleared the cache, no change.

I have not yet cleared all storage because I have 5 accounts configured and didn’t want to setup all again…
IMAP: yes, no data loss
No account settings backup :wink:

Ok, I have cleared all data, but the problem persists.

Uninstalled the app, re-installed same version.
Now it opens…
Found an old export, works.

Now adding all the accounts and settings again.

No idea why that happened.
But will have more frequent exports in future :wink: