K-9 do not recover some e-mails from yesterday

Some e-mails are not recovered while in my pc working fine on LinuxMint 19.3 whith thinderbird.
I think it may be about google 2fa activation but I disable this and still not recover some e-mails in k-9.
To work around i delete all local mensage and reload mails without success.
I hope someone can help me.

Do you have app passwords set up and in use in your k9 in/out-bound mail configurations? Gmail wants clients to use OAuth2 but as K9 doesn’t support that yet you need to go the app password/less secure app route. See: https://forum.k9mail.app/t/gmail-setup-could-not-finish/650 (e.g., the link in my first response in that item) for more details.

I have 3 other Google accounts in K-9 and they all work fine.
All configured in the same way with K-9 assistant.
I’m going to delete that account and set it up again to see what happens.

I found the problem! It was:
I had accepted 2fa when google notified me of the change for the account in question.
Yesterday I deactivated 2fa from google account, delete and add mail account in k-9. Firstly not work, I must wait many minutes (for change make effective) and repeat the proccess in k-9, and work!