K-9 crashes when creating / writing new mail

Hi, I saw many posts about K-9 crashing when opening mail but this is different. I am using K-9 to manage different email addresses, I can receive correctly (and visualize) all emails from the “Unified” inbox. Since a week or so ago I have a problem: K-9 crashes whenever I try to create an email draft, or as soon as I hit “reply” or “reply all”. This is regardless of whether I do it from the unified inbox or from any specific account folder.

K-9 version: 6.603

OS: Graphene OS on Pixel 8 (no Google services)

Log: Mozilla Community Pastebin/U74BhMS6 (Plain Text)

Any idea? Thanks!

Have you configured a draft folder or is it set to “NONE”?

If your drafts are set to be stored automatically and you do not have a drafts folder configured, K-9 might run into a problem.

Uhm, how do I check? I can see a “Draft” folder in the left panel if that’s what you ask.

If you’re using OpenKeychain, this might be the problem: Crash during compose or reply when entering recipient (OpenKeychain 6.0.0) · Issue #7622 · thunderbird/thunderbird-android · GitHub

Disable end-to-end encryption in K-9 Mail until OpenKeychain is updated to version 6.0.1 (currently not yet available on F-Droid).


Bingo! It was that, thanks!