K-9 5.800 List of email accounts after startup

das Alternative Programm “FairEmail” aus den Niederlanden bietet die verlorene Funktionalität und vieles mehr. Habe gestern angefangen umzusteigen. Kostet 7,-- glaube ich in der Vollversion… habe jetzt alle meine Emailaccounts transferriert.

Auch seitens Zeitungen,… bekam das Tool gute Kritiken… einfach mal im Internet schauen… ich bin begeistert… sieht ähnlich aus… eher für rechtshänder gedacht… aber auch mit der linken Hand kommt man von einer kompletten Accountübersicht direkt in die Inbox.

Bietet auch eine Sammelansicht, wenn man es braucht… und… “runterziehen” in derAccount übersicht synchronisiert alle Postfächer (ich nutze nur manuelle Synchro, keine Automatik)

Unmstiegsarbeit war recht flott, wenn man raus hatte

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FairEmail is nice but it’s still not as fast for handling multiple acounts and folders.

It’s also not as ‘open’ for comments or issues.

I hope the developer there is watching and listening.

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Please, please bring back two or three features of good old k9:

  • account list - first and foremost
  • position of buttons, when reading or writing mails

Like all others, I appreciate your time and effort to make k9 great - but the account overview list has been the extremely powerful.

Meanwhile I have checked fairmail and bluemail - without success in finding an account overview the way we had before.

If anyone knows of any good solution, please let me know.


super, danke für feedback!

Ever wonder what consensus means? It’s when the majority is listened to and their thoughts and ideas are implemented.

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Can anyone tell me if I get all my email back if I downgrade a version? I have email saved with stars.
I don’t want to download the 10000 email messages I have in 7 accounts and try to sort through them again.
This has NOT been addressed in any of the posts…

If you use IMAP, all your emails are stored on the server of gmail for a gmail account, of yahoo for a yahoo account, and so on. Changing the email app will not destroy them.

In the case where a mail is unduly classified as spam, you cannot see it in the unified inbox. But you will see it in the list of email accounts.

Sorry, but you have to download them again. That’s because you cannot downgrade. You have to uninstall (which will remove the emails from your device) and then install.

Thank you.
The POP acvounts are working in the new version, but not the IMAP account. It’s missing ALL folders except Outbox and Inbox.
All my mail is on the server, IMAP or POP.

But no matter what type of account, it’s way too much work to go through that again.
Thank you for the warning.

See other reply.
Thank you for making this clear.

Please add back the list of accounts and the ability to see all of them in the default interface.
This is critical for all of us in our company. We downgraded to 5.6 for now but that has sync bugs.


Please bring back the list of emails account at startup.


Just for info is not working in my Moto g8, but anyway till we got back a solution to the account list is almost irrelevant.

I can only agree here :unamused:. The usability of the previous versions was much simpler and possible with far fewer steps. Therefore, perhaps a review should be done here again. More is not necessarily better:


  • Where can I choose to see only the marked (important) mails with one click?
  • A simple filter so that only the unread mails are displayed.
  • In the shared box, it would be very helpful if I could simply go from one mail to the next one displayed in the box. Currently, the order is then done in the respective box and you have to click around again.

Hi @ScStephan. I know it’s been a while since you posted this, but I’ve been going through and reading all of the issues in here today just to see if anyone is coming around on the new UI. I’m also one who was initially sad at the loss of the overview screen, though I’m getting very used to the new UI with my 8 accounts in K9 and I’m doing better and enjoying the app more and more as I go forward. I don’t reply to a lot of these posts because some folks are just set and mad or they manage a million emails and really really need the overview - though I think the bigger problem there might be the volume of emails they are trying to manage :wink: , anyway…, but your post had a specific issue that I think is easily remedied with the new version and in fact, your case is perfect for the new version working better than the old. Here’s my thinking… Your reason for not using the unified inbox was that you didn’t want your spam emails mixed in with the other two, correct? Were you aware that you can exclude that account from the unified inbox? It’s in the settings. Also, you can color code your accounts so you can tell which are which really easily in the unified inbox and using it this way with a small number of accounts actually can save time by not having to return to the overview to switch accounts. I managed three of my most important ones in the unified view and really liked it so I’ve added a fourth. My other four accounts require me to make two extra taps to see an overview in the sidebar (which to me is not a big deal), so I don’t mind the new UI after using it for a couple of months now. Since you only have 3 email accounts, using the unified inbox view and just excluding the spam account (which would mean two taps to see how many unread emails are in that one in the sidebar/drawer) and color coding the other two accounts to make it SUPER easy to tell which ones are work and which ones are personal in the unified view seems like a no brainer for your use case. In fact, in your case, it seems to me like this would be WAY faster than using the overview screen because you’d only have to look around when you are curious if you’ve gotten something important in your spam account… And I would guess you don’t get too many work emails over the weekend? and when you’re on vacation, you can simply exclude the work email from the unified view temporarily to keep from seeing those emails on vacation… Maybe you could give it a try?

NOW, to everyone who wants to say “YEAH, BUT I had k9 for the overview feature, damn it!”. I’m not opposed to @cketti bringing the overview back, I’m just trying to help those who might benefit from trying the new way, because despite that feature being removed and all the reasons why it could/should/couldn’t or shouldn’t be brought back, K9 is still a fantastic google app for managing multiple email accounts.


Being an anti deluvian wouldn’t stop the wheel being exactly what it needs to be - pretty or not.

K-9 wasn’t broken so didn’t need fixing…

But it does now.

What a rabidly stupid thing to do with unquestionable talent … and whatever was it for?

Hi @sillycar ,
sorry for the late reply… Busy times…
Thank you very much for the advice. Yet I disagree. I already have something that you might call an unified inbox. I forward all e-mails to my main account. The other two accounts (spam-filled and work) are seperate for a reason (and actually the spam account also goes there eventually and after filtering). I do not want to have them next to my “important” e-mails. The spam for obvious reasons and work, because they only really are of importance 9 to 5 on workdays.
However I arranged myself with it. It’s simply way more clicking now.

OK. You just really confused me because what you’re saying now seems different than your original post. I’m sure it’s not, but I am mis understanding either your first or your second post. In your new post, you say that you forward all emails to your main account, but in your original post you said you wanted to not have all the emails mixed in with your personal account, so I’m not sure which one you want? If you forward all emails to your main account, it doesn’t matter if you use unified inbox or not because when you check your main acocunt, you’ll see all your emails… which is what I thought you didn’t want. Also, if you forward all emails to your main account, you could just use that one account in K-9 and leave the others off since they forward to the main account anyway, then you’ll only have one account in K-9 and lots less clicking… Sorry, I’m just confused. Even in this one new post, you said “The other two accounts are separate for a reason” but then you said “the spam caaount also goes there eventually” goes where? Your main account? Isn’t that what you were trying to avoid? And then you said “I do not want to have them next to my important emails”. But if you forward all emails to your main account, they will be just that - right next to your important emails… I’m really confused… I just wanted to help. Sorry for any confusion I may have caused by misunderstanding… I got a couple of likes on my post, so I thought it made sense and was a great solution to what you said in your original post… Sorry again. Have a good one!

Hi, sorry for the confusion. I have several e-mail adresses. Most of them are forwarded to my main account. The “Spam-Account” is also forwarded there, but for technical reasons there can be a severe delay, hence the seperate access. Additionally messages coming from this account are aggressively filtered when they arrive at the main account. The business e-mails are not forwarded.

What I basically wanted to say… The messages I want to have together are already together. The others are seperate for a reason.

Thank you for your engagement. I really appreciate!