K-9 5.800 List of email accounts after startup

Wie oben geschrieben: Fairmail bietet eine Übersichtsseite mit allen E-Mailkonten an.

mache ich. ist aber gar nicht so einfach, und ich will auf keinen fall eine mail app von samsung oder microsoft zum beispiel, denn datenschutz und vertrauen spielen ja auch noch eine rolle, und der ist bei den beiden total ausverkauft.
aber wenn ich mir die vielen schlechten bewertungen zur neuen K9 mail app im google play store anschaue, dann habe ich hoffnung, dass die entwickler bei K9 das selber erkennen und bald wieder die kontenübersicht zur verfügung stellen.
alternative wäre noch ein downgrade auf die alte version, aber dann bin ich ja nicht geschützt durch die updates, weil ich genau die funktion dann deaktivieren müsste. #seufz

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i am still weighing up, because if i downgrade to the old version, then i am not protected by the updates, as i have to deactivate that function. #sigh
i think i’d rather look for an alternative in peace. but that’s not so easy, because i definitely don’t want a mail app from samsung or microsoft, for example, because data protection and trust also play a role, and that’s sold out with both of them.
maybe it helps to wait, because when I look at the many bad reviews of the new K9 mail app in google play store, then I have hope that the developers at K9 recognize this themselves and soon make the account overview available again :hugs: :pray:

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habe fairmail grad mit 2 konten ausprobiert und ist erstmal keine alternative für mich. scheint so, als würde es auf den gleichen ursprungstrukturen aufbauen, siehe screenshot.

bin aber mit dem test noch nicht durch, muss das aber erstmal unterbrechen. hab eh erstmal nur die kostenlose fairmail-version ausprobiert. es gibt noch eine kostenpflichtige pro-version für einmalig 6,99€, was ich absolut ok finde, aber leider gibt es keine testversion dazu. vielleicht probier ich das trotzdem, denn die pro-version bietet sehr viele zusatzfunktionen. leider kann ich nicht sehen, ob eine kontenübersicht dabei ist, wie ich sie mir wünsche :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
hey k9: WANTED! Kontenübersicht

Hi it can be set up to start like below and then click to get the folder list.

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Tap on the link above and give cketti the REASONS to why the removed feature is important to you.

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Why can’t I use an app or a program, how do I want it?
Why can’t I set a view the way I want?
Because the developer / programmer programs it in what he thinks is best for the user.
And the user is not asked for his opinion or it is ignored. Pity! We all know that from standard software and operating systems. If a surface has established itself after a few years, it must definitely be “improved”. Not that the user gets too used to it. I have nothing against meaningful improvements or an optical adjustment / change. But I think a complete and mostly nonsensical relaunch is unnecessary. And because the programmer has come up with something great, when do all users have to find it great and change their entire workflow. Why? Why can’t I, as a user, set the view that I want to use ??? I can even adjust the view of Windows, although a standard view is always “pressed on my eye” first.
So far, K9 has been the ideal email app for me.
Since my bank uses pgp encryption, the email app must also be able to do this. And the selection quickly becomes very small.
So I’ve been using Squeaky Mail for a few years. This app is very similar to K9, but there were problems with newer pgp versions. And Squeaky Mail does not support S / MIME (e.g. mails from DHL). Hence my switch to K9, as a quick alternative lot.
For many years I was VERY satisfied with it until yesterday. After the update, not only has the previous start screen disappeared, but operation has also become more complicated. As apparently very many here in the forum, have several mail accounts. Currently six pop3 accounts in K9 and no more overview since yesterday. With updates, the functions should be expanded and the operation simplified. Unfortunately the opposite is true. The overview is lost and operation is no longer intuitive. SHE is even more cumbersome in that I have to click a lot more and to achieve what only a few clicks were necessary before the update. Therefore I can only join the many users, and bit:

Please bring back:

The account overview screen

The Update all button

The Buttons at the bottom


We know how to do that. Why all the extra work for no good reason?!

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Just wanted to come here and add my voice to the choir. I use K-9 to manage multiple accounts, personal and work, and I absolutely do not want to mix these all together into the unified inbox. Currently K-9 does not offer a good solution to my use case, and so I will change to a different app.

The old account overview was great, as it allowed easy access to the Inbox of all the accounts. I always hated the UI of other email apps (such as Gmail) for their hard access to multiple accounts, and K-9 now is headed this way too.

I will wait for a few weeks to see if the situations changes, but as things are, K-9 is no longer the app for me, and so I will have to search for a new one. Despite that, I wish the K-9 app and its team much success and all the best.


Great, so the feature that I need for efficient use of the system now, requires me to access a menu, everytine I want to see that info. No, that is just stupid. The whole reason I used k9 was for that menu being the standard displayed item.


After 2 days of 100s of people explaining why they want the main feature of K9 back and asking WHY it was removed, the developper doesn’t understand the comments, asks us again why we want it back, but NOT ONCE answers why it was removed !
Scarily puzzling.
I hope at some point it’s going to click and he’ll realize why he used to have 4 millions downloads.


Seems like you’re one of the developpers responsible for that change

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Yes and be careful to repeat exactly what has already been said 357 times otherwise he’ll erase your message straight away.
In fact he even closed the thread. But without telling us why he removed the opening screen.


Dear Sir. You’re the lead developer of K-9 so I can only salute you for the fine product I used for some 10 years now. I made an account this morning to give my comments on the new version of K-9, as I could no longer use it as I used to do and I think that the new UI is not better than the old one, but worse. I wrote you a long reaction telling you why, but as I see now you deleted it as my opinion did not fit yours as you are proud on the new version. If that’s the way you think that you should react on a really concerned long time user of K-9, then I wonder why you ask for comments in the first place. But I learned my lesson. I will no longer bother you and react on this new version. I’m very sorry for the excellent product that K-9 was till it was automatically “upgraded” last Sunday and I’m sorry that you have no intention at all to listen carefully to all those users that explain to you that the new UI is not better but worse than the old one. After you deleted my earlier post there is no use to give any other contribution to this forum, as you clearly want to be deaf and tell me I’m stupid not the applause the latest version. So it be. But I’m sorry for K-9.


As far as I can tell none of your posts have been deleted.
You can find a list of your own posts here: Profile - Ton - K-9 Mail Forum


Users who have to deal with several account do not want to mix up and shake private and business-mails in one unified inbox.

Like before it was a good way to put private mails into the unified inbox and have different separate inboxes for different business mail-accounts. But an overview that is directly reached when the app is started, is missing now. You’re always pushed to a unified inbox and don’t see the other accounts, if there’re incoming mails.

A better way would perhaps be to have more than one unified inbox… :wink:

i.e. one for several accounts of enterprise A, one for several accounts of enterprise B, one for private accounts, one for family-accounts… - and all of these unified inboxes at the top of a sortable list of all accounts directly after starting the app :-))

But this new look is ununsable and is a huge step into a wrong direction.



Dear Sir,

Sorry. You’re right! You didn’t delete the post. But I didn’t see my first post on the forum when I looked for it and you wrote that you deleted many posts on the new UI, so I thought you deleted mine too.

But still I think there is not much use giving another comment on the forum as you concluded in a post that you did not find any reasonable argument in the comments asking for the return of the very easy to use “old” interface. I use - and many others do so - many email addresses that I want to follow easily and I used K-9 for many years with great pleasure just because of that feature. I explained that and many others even explained that much better than I could, but you only seems to see that as an unreasonable complaint, where I and many others was / were just a great fan of the “old” K-9, promoted it as a professional and very stable mail client and I am really sorry to see that vanish…

Of course you’re honest and I appreciate your work on K-9, but also I’m sorry that I now loose a good mail client, just to get a mail client that might be fool proof but misses the great features of K-9 I appreciated for so long…

Ton Sonneveldt


If I would like to use Gmail, I’d use Gmail… not K9 :exploding_head:


I will try to elaborate a bit, as it seems that the benefits of account overview are obvious only for users of account overview, so sorry for long and redundant post.

There are multiple reasons why I miss the account overview so much. First, I need to state that I am using multiple email accounts and I am not using Unified Inbox, and probably never will: keeping things separate is the main reason why I use multiple email accounts in the first place. Luckily for me, there is an option to turn Unified Inbox off, so I assume that this is and continues to be a supported use case.

Now, imagine you are in my shoes and have Unified Inbox set off. You are reading Inbox of one account, after while you are done with it and now you need to either switch to another account (you expect important mail there, or need to send mail from it, or. . .), or look at all the other accounts to see if there is something to act upon. For both cases, account overview works absolutely brilliant.

But, how do you switch accounts in 5.800? Four taps all over the place. It’s very frequently used action, at least one in all but the very shortest uses of the mail app. That’s why people are so mad about that. In the old version, you were just one back button tap (in corner of the phone, so quick – muscle memory) away from the account overview. There, you can to directly to Inbox of another account with single tap (again muscle memory: account areas are big and always in the same place / order).

Account overview was in the most natural place in the UI. You are reading a mail message. Tap back (up a level), and you are shown the message folder. Tap back again (up another level) and you are shown the list of accounts / inbox folders. The place from where you can get to all of your email. Root of a tree, so intuitive to navigate. . . it just flows (-:

But account overview is not just perfect for switching accounts quickly, it’s useful on its own. It gives similar information like the left folder pane in any stand-alone desktop email client (outlook, thunderbird, apple mail. . .) – account name, number of unread emails – so that one sees which account to read next, if any. They all (desktop clients) know why they don’t do away with the folder pane.

On a phone, account overview can be used for another purpose: like an email widget. Pick up / unlock the phone. See the little mail icon in the status bar on the top. Tap K-9 mail, glance at the account overview, see it’s an account you maybe don’t care about at this very moment, so tap back or home button and continue doing whatever you picked up the phone for. It’s quicker than unrolling the notification area, where, to slow you down even more, mails are usually mixed with other notifications.