Issues with new version 5.802 and

Hi everyone,

this is my first post!

Unfortunately, I got some issues with the new verson 5.802 oft K-9 Mail.
I am using the app since years on my android phone for four mail accounts (2x gmx .de, 2x gmail .com and 1x arcor .de). I am using IMAP.

Since I installed the new K-9 version, I cannot connect to my any more.
The app says “(Command: sensitive;response: #2# [NO, LOGIN failed. Invalid login/password.])”.

But the login credentials are okay - I changed my password and tried it through web-login (arcor .de) and it works and I tried it on my Win10 laptop using Outlook and can connect via IMAP (imap .arcor .de, SSL port 993).
So it does only not work on my K-9 on the phone.
The same error occurs when I set up the SMTP (mail. arcor .de SSL port 465). Not working on K-9, but on other devices.

I assume that there was a change n K-9 Mail in the new version 5.8xx and now it does not support anymore?

Because the arcor-support explained, that they haven’t canged anything on their server side.

Does anyone also have this issue?

Note: I had to put spaces into my links.

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Hi Kris,
i have the same problem.
But in the vodafone web interface are these new settings for the mail servers published:
After looking to my inbox, i recognized a message from the abuse team. My mail account was blocked. Is it possible, that it’s also your problem?

no, that was not the cause of the problem, I did update those settings.

Now, after a few weeks, it is working again without any changes to my K-9 app (no updates or configuration changes).
Those Vodafon-mail-servers for the “old” arcor customers are damn unstable.
Sometimes there is simply no connection to the vodafon-mailserver (for old arcor accounts), even for days.

So, everything is working again for me, but just for a few days.

My workaround is a mail-formware-rule configured by the vodafone website for my old Because even when K-9 (and all other mail apps) cannot establish a connection to the Vodafon mail server, the forwarding works. At least.