Issue outgoing server

Hello there! I have configurated both incoming and outgoing servers in line with my account setting in Ms Outlook. I manage to receive but sent message are not loaded in the app and are not in my sent items on outlook. Any clue?

Check the folder settings and make sure that the Sent folder is picked correctly.


Thank-you for your answer, but it seems I was not clear enough.

  1. We use MS Outllook at work and I wanted to get my emails on my android device via K9 mail.
  2. I have aligbed the configuration of incoming and outgoing servers on my android device with MS Outlook on my desktop.
  3. the incoming mails works okay and they are synced in Ms Outllook on my desktop.
  4. outgoing mails reaches my recipient but they don’t appear in the sent folder neither on my android device nor on my pc (that’s my concerné !)
    Thanks !

Did you confirm the Sent folder assignment? It is not uncommon to need to select the Sent folder in the K9 settings even though you are sure they are correct. We have seen it in this forum often and I have even experienced it firsthand in K9 Mail on my own device.