Issue configuring new IMAP account


I’m trying out K-9 Mail on my Android, for my personal IMAP account, but I’m having some issues with the configuration.

First of all, specifications:

Mail Server: SmarterMail Enterprise (Build 7242 (out 30, 2019)), 2FA authentication enabled, using app password for authentication
K-9 5.729 running on Android 9 (also tried non-beta release version with same behaviour)
IMAP using SSL/TLS on default port 993
SMTP using SSL/TLS on default port 465

The above configuration is correct, and is being used on other two e-mail clients in the same device with no issues (besides the fact that they aren’t K-9 :yum:)

The app cannot fetch e-mail. However sending e-mail works just fine (same server, same authentication). The error is as follows:

Username or password incorrect.
(Command: sensitive; response: #3# [NO, LOGIN bad username or password])

I’ve reviewed all configurations and they are correct. Any idea of what might be going on here? :thinking:

Thanks in advance

On the Account in question, go to Account Settings, Fetching Mail, Incoming Server.

Ensure the server, security, port, username, auth type, password fields are set. When you click Next, K9 should attempt a connection. Do you see the bad username or password message there?


Yes, all fields are set. When moving on the test fails with that message.

SMTP still works (I’m actually replying to this email through k9)