Is there a planned roadmap for K9

I’m waiting eagerly for a long time now for a couple od really painful k9 bugs to get fixed.
Some of the issues are closed now with remarks like “test in 5.7 and reopen if still exists”. As I’m on 5.600, F-Droid version, and also checked that since 2018 there have been no change in Google Play Store also, my question is about the planned roadmap for k9.

I’ve tried to install a new 5.7.x apk from github, but fails to update my 5.6.00 installation. Seems to be too many changes in between. Guess I have to wipe, new install, import settings and re-sync all email accounts. Which will probably take days, thousands of mails :frowning:
What’s the idea behind waiting so long for an new main release?

Thanks to all who are contributing to k9,
love it,

This happens because F-Droid and GitHub use different signing keys. You have to install all updates from F-Droid. You can get the beta versions on F-Droid, too.

At least the following list of issues needs to be fixed before making the new version public: The problem is that only very few people contribute to K-9, so the development is slow. In fact, in the last month, only one single person (the lead developer cketti) contributed 53 changes.

F-Droid and GitHub use different signing keys.

Well, even I as a non-android-dev have heard about this a while ago, shame on me… Thank you very much, works with f-droid version, cool!

only very few people contribute to K-9, so the development is slow.

Anything a non-dev could help? Testing? Docs? Translate (German) ? I’ve a running Android Studio, be able to make debug logs and simple pull requests for localization :slight_smile:

I can’t speak officially for the project but I think some things that could help are:

  • Donations (the main developer cketti can be sponsored on GitHub)
  • Helping others in this forum (if cketti does not need to reply to user questions he has more time to code)
  • If friends of yours are developers, maybe you can convince them to contribute :wink: I think open-source development is fun because you can work together and create something nice.

If you notice something that’s not right in the beta versions, a detailed description (maybe even with logs) usually helps to have it fixed faster.

Translations are done on Transifex, so you do not need to create pull requests for localization: The German one is already done, though.

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