Is there a log to show failed server login attempts?

I looked through the settings and web documentation but am not finding what I want.

I frequently (too frequently I think) get messages from Google saying that they blocked a suspicious email sign-in attempt. I’m assuming it’s my phone as I travel around.

I’d love to see a simple log file that would say something like "2:30:15: Login failed to - ‘invalid password’ ".

Does this exist and I’m just not finding it?


Such things appear in logcat but it usually only holds a few hours of data. On some devices, you can increase the log buffer size in the developer options.

Great thanks! I’ll take a look.

I’m sure this will get me the info I need but it sure would be nice to have a simple rolling log that is accessible directly from the app. Having to hook up to a PC and pull the log via ADB is not very helpful “in the moment” when I’m on travel and get a notification from Google the someone has my password.

I now see that you have even created a PR for a log export button! So you must be somewhat inline with my same thinking hehe. Thanks for your contributions!

Hopefully this will get merged in soon and will scratch my itch.

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