Is the concept of Classes (1st Class, 2nd Class, etc) going away?

Just got K9, so far I’m loving it. Thank you for a wonderful app. I was looking through this document to understand classes and configure them to my liking:

I think I can manage with the current implementation of classes (though, it is a little cumbersome).

Either way, found this in my google searching:

Wanted to see how valid this RFC was. Are there plans to get rid of Classes? If so, what is the time line?

I’d rather avoid spending many cycles tweaking the Classes to work perfectly if they are just going to be removed in an upcoming update.

Thank you.

Getting rid of folder classes will be quite a bit of work. It’s unlikely to happen very soon.

But when we get to it, we’ll try to do it in a way so the configured behavior doesn’t change for users. So time you spend now is unlikely to be wasted when we get rid of folder classes.

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Brilliant, thank you cketti. I appreciate all your hard work.

This is… a little embarrassing, but I was unable to find a way to assign folders to classes on Android. The guide only mentions:

To adjust the folder Class settings, use the new Folder Settings Activity … In the main folder list, long-press a folder. … In K-9, it brings up a context menu, providing Refresh and Folder settings Click Folder settings to adjust the Classes to which the folder is assigned.

I couldn’t find this context menu when long pressing any folder. I tried in each view I could find where there was a list of folders.

PS: If you’re looking for recommendations, this one by mattiscb is my favorite.

Unfortunately, the documentation hasn’t been updated yet for version 5.8xx. You can get to the folder settings screen by selecting Manage folders in the side drawer, then tap on a folder name in the list.

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Ahh, I was long pressing there. I didn’t try short pressing. Heh. Thank you again!