is it possible to manage different GPG keys for different identity-aliases?

I would like to use some aliases with different GPG keys.

I would have already solved the problem this way: I add the alias as a new account (different email address but same password main account), k-9 gives an error message but it still imports the alias as a new account and this way I can manage the GPG properties, for example I set it for the alias and remove it from main account. Perfect! The only problem is that when I close k-9, the set account-alias disappears.

So I set up the alias with identity management, which is the most “correct” way to manage aliases… but I don’t have the ability to configure the desired GPG keys to the different identities, I guess I have to use the main account’s GPG key for aliases as well, instead I would need a menu that makes me pair keys with identities.


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