Intents, activities, receivers, services - TASKER et al


I’m having trouble to sync my Godaddy Office 365 account in K-9, I do not know if it has to do with the app or with GoDaddy. I tried all configuration options I’m aware of (server, folders to be checked - be it all, 1st level or 2nd level), “Push” notifications, to say the least). No way to make it work, and “Push” notifications drain the battery.
Despite this I intend to keep on using K-9, and I’d like to be able to enable “Push” from Tasker-like automation app. So, I’d like to know how to do that by making a call to an activity, a broadcast, a server, a content provider (which one should I use, and how should I configure it?); or even by making a call to a Java constructor or method.

You can use the accessibility API. I don’t know how to do that with Tasker, but it works with Automate. And as Automate only uses the default accessibility API, Tasker should be able to accomplish the same.

Can you provide any further detail? I do not know how to use the Accesibility API, I just know I can use these “Actions” in automagic:

Or I can make java calls such as this:

DST=callJavaMethod(tz, “java.util.TimeZone”, “observesDaylightTime()”); //will give true for if DST is on

No, sorry. As mentioned, I do not use Tasker.

In Automate, you can use the GUI finder to extract the XPath of the GUI element you need to access through the accessibility API.

As many people insist on telling me, Tasker is the superior product to Automate, so something similar must be possible with Tasker.