Input on "why was the old account screen useful"

Thank you @cketti for following up on why many of us use (and need) the old account-screen view.
I appreciate your follow-up and why you closed the thread after 2 days when many replies became repetitive.

However, since one major aspect of my use isn’t in the repetition, I chose to add this thread to put in my “late reply”.

I maintain as close to a clean inbox as I can, but use undeleted items as a “to-do list”, moving them when action has been taken (usually 2-4 days, never more than 5).

I also manage 10 or more email addresses, and have used the account-view screen as a two-dimensional view into them. My email addresses are grouped within three topic areas (you can think “personal”, “work”, and “hobbies”, although my actual categories aren’t this simple). I use the presentation order to group like mail addresses together (i.e., all “personal” addresses appear above all “work” addresses, and both are above all “hobby” addresses).

This gives me ONE place to look at all incoming mail quantities, grouped by my “category” (position in the list – top, middle, or bottom) as well as which email account. I have found this quasi-two-dimensional sort to be vastly useful to me.

  • slafetra