Incorrect encoding for .eml format?


I have noticed that when I forward mails in plain/text format as attachments in .eml format, the .eml files are not encoded correctly. No matter which encoding I use for decoding, umlauts like “ü” “ä” “ö” “ß” are not displayed correctly. According to the .eml header utf-8 is used for encoding the file, but I still get a wrong output. Can I change this somehow or does anyone have a solution for this problem? I would be grateful for any help!


When K-9 Mail forwards a message as attachment it should attach the message as it received it. So if that message was displayed properly in K-9 Mail, it most likely is properly encoded.

Can you describe what exactly you are doing and what leads you to believe there’s something wrong with the attachment generated by K-9 Mail? What app are you using to view the contents?

Ok, I give more information.

My settings in K9-Mail is to display all mails in plain/text format, if I did reply with attached .eml file, save this file and open it with the ES (“Solid Explorer”)Text Editor then I get the wrong output.
In the Header of the file it says
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=utf-8

After the header another information
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable

And my german Umlauts are all displayed like

=C3=BCber die L=C3=B6schung me=
iner Daten zu informieren, bzw=2E bei Ablehnung dies mir gegen=C3=BCber zu =begr=C3=BCnden=2E

instead of

über die Löschung meiner Daten zu informieren, bzw. bei Ablehnung dies mir gegenüber zu begründen!

as example.

In the editor I can chance to almost 40 endcoding formats but all i tested give the same result.

So I did a research where someone give the advise that utf8 is not correct for .eml format it must be ASCII-US, but I did not know if this is really correct.

In spite of all in my case I have an incorrect representation of the mails that I would like to have correct.
So what can I do?

Sorry for my bad english, hopefully you understand my meaning.If not please ask me.

Edit: If I use Collabora Office to open the .eml file I get the same output… also in my Brother iprint&scan App from my printer i get the same output and I think in windows wordpad also.

The message looks properly encoded to me. For various reasons, the internet message format is complicated and uses various encodings. An EML file is not meant to be read by humans directly. Try opening the file with a viewer that has specific support for it. On a PC you could e.g. use Thunderbird. On Android there are various viewers:

For the particular data that you have posted here, you might want to read up on the quoted-printable encoding. See Quoted-printable - Wikipedia

If you just want to extract the user-readable text from a message, you can use K-9 Mail’s share action.

Ok, i need an extra eml file Reader, I did not know, i thought it is only text format which can be open with any editor.
Thank you very much!