In-Line Images Not Forwarding

When an email containing in-line images is received by K-9 Mail the result is good. Text flow is nice and images are scaled to fit the device screen. Thank you very much for this!
When I attempt to forward any of these messages using K-9 Mail, the recipient gets the text portion of the message and a “place holder” with an image name and extension (ie: image001.png) but the image is not displayed. When the recipient attempts to View the image with K-9 Mail the device reports “no suitable application for this action found”. When the recipient attempts to download the image and is using K-9 Mail, K-9 Mail crashes.
K-9 Mail strips the original image data and replaces it with a non-standard URL which reads: cid:iikdseeoun0
I can attach an image to a new outgoing email and the same recipient receives the email with the in-line image.
Only Forwarded messages are altered.
I have researched IMAP and suspect the problem has something to do with this protocol but am way-th-heck out of my league troubleshooting IMAP.
I am using Android 8.1.0 (yes but my phone vendor has not updated this device even while it is currently for sale as a new product… but 10,000mAH battery says keeping the phone)
I am using K-9 Mail version 5.717
My device is a Blackview BV9500
I use NetGuard and pass all of K-9 Mail’s traffic. If K-9 Mail is using resources not published, none of that traffic is being shown in NetGuard’s log.
I use K-9 Mail in WiFi only with the phone in Airplane mode.
I can’t think of anything else to offer.