Improvements for email actions

Quick suggestion on the action buttons that can be activated for individual emails: When you activate “Spam” you don’t get a button but only an option in the dropdown menu - having an actual button would be more convenient, of course. But above all, it would be great to have an undo option and/or some kind of status message for these actions: I pushed one of the buttons on an email today and the mail simply vanished - nothing to tell me that I had just archived it, and nothing to get it back if my clumsy fingers happened to get the button wrong. Thanks!

EDIT: Same goes for sending mail - message simply vanishes and you’re back in the inbox. A short message like “Mail sent successfully” would do wonders.

The lack of meaningful messages from K9 is getting increasingly annoying.

Yesterday, there was an issue with outgoing mail. K9 just wouldn’t send it. Wasn’t in the mood to tell me why, the messages just sat there in the outbox. Maybe the attachments were too big, but who knows. After half an hour or so, K9 felt like telling me they won’t be sent - got a truncated message on my main screen: “SocketTimeoutException: failed to connect to smt…”

Clicked on it to see the full issue, but nope - simply arrived at K9, no error message to be found.

Rest of the evening, when trying to retrieve mail, the little circle would only appear for three seconds, then, K9 would loose interest. Again, no messages.

Second attempt: Circle keeps spinning forever. Again, no clue what’s going on.

This morning, still the same thing: K9 attempts to retrieve mail, but doesn’t. Retrieving mail on my laptop reveals that there is indeed mail to be retrieved. Minutes later, the mail finally shows up in K9 - no clue how it got there.

Two hours ago, I received a message from K9 that it failed to send mail, even though I deleted the remaining mail from my outbox yesterday. Is it simply telling me what happened yesterday? Or did it snatch one of yesterdays mails, bury it in a hole in the yard and is now attempting to send it again? Nobody knows.

Summary: I don’t mind bugs - it’s fine, as long as you have a faint idea of what you’re facing and / or what to expect. In this case, it’s the double combo of non-communication that’s killing the deal. #1 K9 isn’t communicating. #2 K9 developers aren’t communicating. Posted here in early April, no replies. Posted a more explicit report as a Github issue a few week ago, only to learn that all K9 issues have been poured into the bulk with Thunderbird, never to be found again.

Reminds me of the core issues K9 had a decade ago - reasons why I eventually moved on. Sad to see that nothing has really changed.