Impossible to send email since the big update


I use K9 mail since 10 years (on Samsung Galaxy S2, S5 then now S9+ updated).
I was IT manager, so IMAP and setting a mail client is easy for me.

Since the big update that I received few weeks ago, I have a big problem: sending mail is not possible.
The mail stays in the SENDING BOX (boite d’envoi in French).
Everything is good. I checked the setting, the test of “sending mail” is ok.
I didn’t change anything on the server side.
Everything works well on my PC with my mail client (thunderbird).
The recipient address is valid (I tried with different).

In the IMAP SENT folder, I don’t see all my email that I sent before (from K9 mail and my PC client).
The setting of folders is good, I did it again because the setting of folders was reseted after the big update.

K9 mail doesn’t give any error message. The mail just stays and don’t go.

I tested with a different Android mail client (Blue Mail) and it’s working well, with the same setting.

One thing more that I noticed.
In the INBOX folder, when I pull down to refresh, the REFRESH LOGO is turning non stop, and… nothing append. The sync is not working when I start it manually.

Plase, do you have any solution ?
Thanks :slight_smile:

I just updated with the beta version.
The 2 emails that I tested to send are sent. But it needed more that 15 minutes to go.

Before the big update this summer, since 10 years that I used K9, everything was fast, emails were sent immediately, IMAP sync were fast.

Hi there
i have the same problem some emails are sent some are not
When a message is not sent I get a
K9 notification :
échec d’envoi de certains emails.
Spam message rejected

To send messages i have to use my webmail

I still have big issues with K9 mail since the big update.

Should I let K9mail after more than 10 years, for a different IMAP client?