Import settings from a modified copy of k9s file

I would like to use K-9 mail as the mail app for my students, but most of them don’t have enough skills to configure the app by themselves.
I thought I could make a copy of my settings file but changing some information and give each of them a customized k9s file, but it doesn’t work because the uuid fields are not correct.
Is there a way to generate those uuid’s to match any account?

Thank you!

What are you trying to do? Create a settings file that will overwrite the account settings of an existing account? That’s not supported. K-9 Mail will always create a new account when importing (account) settings.

Thank you for your response.
No, I’m trying to make the set up easier for my students, giving them a setting file preconfigured with their usernames.
I’m going to describe the steps in my mind:

  1. I install K-9 in my device and configure my account, which uses the same servers than students.
  2. I export my settings and save the k9s file.
  3. I write a script to generate a new k9s file for each student, changing my username and name, and writing the info for each student.
  4. I send each student his/her customized file.
  5. The student installs K-9 in his/her device and imports the file.

The problem is the uuid field in k9s file. I cannot change the rest of the fields because it doesn’t import correctly. Apparently the uuid is a code associated somehow with my info (name? username?)

Thak you again for your help!

The UUID only needs to be syntactically valid. You should be able to use any UUID value, e.g. a random one generated by

Really? Is that easy?
Thank you very much!

The only situation in which this does not work is, when there is an account with the same UUID already. The chances of that happening are very low already as is. However, in your usecase, i.e. clean install with no accounts, no UUID collision is possible.

K-9 Mail will not overwrite an existing account. In case of a collision the imported account will get a new random UUID.