Import POP3 email

Hi there, fantastic app.

I have all my emails in a local folder / mail file from Thunderbird and i would like to have it also in K9.
How can i import the mail manually into K9? Maybe just putting in a folder like thunderbird?

Thank you in advance for your support.

K-9 Mail doesn’t support importing (or exporting) emails. We don’t want K-9 Mail to be a client where you download and remove messages from the server to manage them locally. Because of that it’s very likely we’ll remove POP3 support eventually. So if you want to keep using this model you should probably switch to a different email client.

If you’re fine with switching to IMAP you should be able to use Thunderbird to upload the messages to the server and then download them by setting up the IMAP account in K-9 Mail.

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Could it be a solution if I change the email storage from phone to SD?
Will the app move all the actual folder DB to sd or it will save only the new email?