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We are running K-9 mail on my wife’s Samsung S‐9 phone for about 3 years. She is using only 1 email account in this App. When she initially opens the App it goes directly to that one Email account and not to the the top level menu that shows a list of accounts. I want to export her K-9 App settings, but I can not get back to her top level Accounts screen that has the menu option to Import & Export Settings. How do I Export her settings in this settings if I can not get to this top level menu screen? I do not have this problem on my phone (Samsung S9+) where I am using 4 email accounts with K-9 mail and get the top level accounts screen and this menu option. Both our phones are funning K-9 mail version 5.600.

I have not used version 5.600 for a while now but I think you can press the “up” arrow in the top left to get to the overview screen.

Thanks for your help!!! I found the Top level Account by pressing the back arrow twice at the upper left of the screen. I could then Export the Account settings. The Playstore shows me that the latest Version of the App that I can download for my Android Samsung S9+ version is 5.600. What version are you using and on what Device?

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Try the Beta :sunglasses:

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