IMAP sync no longer works

I have 2 IMAP accounts. Recently the inbox of my main account receives no new mail, and now just shows 2 messages out of 12 showing in webmail and PC. The two accounts have similar Incoming Server settings, and the second account (used for this forum) is working as expected.

I am using Android v10 on Huawei P30 Pro phone, with K-9 v5.800, and I think this started happening at the time of the upgrade but can’t swear to it.

Settings/Fetching Mail says:

  • Local folder 25;
  • Sync any time;
  • Poll every 15min;
  • Poll folders All;
  • Push 1st Class (Inbox is set as 1st for Push and Poll)

I have tried:

  • swiping down to manually refresh Inbox - no result.
  • manually refreshing the folders list - all the other folders updated OK, but not Inbox
  • sending message from/to this account: message is shown in Sent, but not in Inbox (but it is received on my PC and webmail).
  • deleting one message - this disappears from Inbox and appears in Trash.

I cannot think what else to try and am appealing for help.


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