IMAP/POP in Unified Inbox

I have a IMAP/POP mail server (Synology MailPlus Server) that I have several instances of Thunderbird connected to using IMAP with a reasonable amount of folders within this account. I want to add this account to K-9 but if I use IMAP nothing shows up in the unified inbox unless I select every single individual folder and subfolder and tick the ‘unify’ box. This is impractical as I may add/move folders so can’t keep coming back to K-9 all the time and remembering to edit unified folder settings.

If I use POP no matter what settings I change (poll all folders not just 1st class etc) it only ever polls the inbox. This is the option I would like to use, the IMAP option is messy, I can use auto-Bcc to sync/copy sent mail so I would like to make POP poll all folders on a POP/IMAP server.

I don’t think the POP protocol supports multiple folders

Seems a bit daft having POP access on IMAP accounts then and having the options in settings to poll different class folders if it doesn’t do anything?

I don’t think I understand what you mean with that. Providers might keep POP3 enabled for compatibility reasons with old clients or something.

Which is fine, so back to my original issue of how do I use “old clients” such as the latest K-9 mail client with my IMAP/POP mailbox. Not really sure what old clients have to do with it, most IMAP boxes will have POP access as well. If it’s not meant to work with both then why enable both, why not just enable IMAP only?

And the actual issue is why is there a setting in the fetching mail section of the settings for a POP account that you can set to poll different classes/levels of folders if this does nothing with POP accounts?

It’s planned to remove support for POP3 in the future.

I don’t know.

When in the future? I don’t use IMAP at all on any of the accounts. I don’t plan to either. Why would you remove POP support? The timeline is pretty crucial on this removal of functionality as if it’s imminent then there is no point in continuing with K-9 after using it for the last 10 years. There is nothing to switch to though, I’m absolutely floored by this statement.

Thanks for having a go at it anyway regardless. :roll_eyes:

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