IMAP: items doesn't show up in my sent folder

Sent messages via K9 mail when using IMAP doesn’t show up in my Sent folder, although (by default) the option to upload/save them in the sent folder is enabled and the folder mapping is automatically set to the correct Sent Items folder during setup.

Workaround: I have to manually set the mapping to exactly the same folder and then it works.
This issue is present in all my installations on several devices. I therefore assume this is a bug.

Any ideas for a root cause and a possible permanent solution?

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How do you set that mapping? I never found out where my sent mails go and this might be a solution/workaround

You can configure this manually via the e-mail account settings and then folder settings. I am not using the English version of K9, so I am not sure what the exact English names in the settings menus are.