IMAP idle - Push

Hello everyone,

I was wondering about the setup for push-notifications (IMAP-idle). You’ll see this right on the homepage for K-9, but I can’t find the setting inside the app.

I’m using version 5.725.

Anyone able to push me in the right direction?

Thanks and happy X-MAS

Push hasn’t been added back to the Beta yet, but hopefully soon. Just set Pull to the lowest intervall, 15 minutes I think :blush:

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Hm, OK. Thank you for the feedback.

Can you also tell, why the latest stable release is more than two years old? I’ve read about an active beta with newer versions and joined, but why don’t “they” push them to stable?

Because it’s not as easy as it sounds due to Android’s limitations. It’s on the to-do list and I’m waiting for it myself, but the 15 minute Poll works just fine for now.

The latest stable is old altogether and the new one will eventually replace it. Check older posts/threads, I’m sure you’ll find the answers you seek :sunglasses:

@cketti is there any new information about the IMAP push feature? Expected timeline or something?

I’m working on it. No estimation on when it’ll be done.

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Ok thank you. Looking forward to test it with a future beta release.

Is there any ETA now?
This is the single feature that makes me roll back to stable from 2018(!) and search for competing apps.

Also, please do at least 1 stable release a year, as people will consider it a dead project otherwise. Even if no major changes happen.

Thank you for adding it back … thank you thank you danke schön :heart_eyes: