I'm really pissed off

Who decides to change the entire layout, app logo and the settings?

Why have you destroyed one of the best email apps on planet? I would fire you immediately!

Sorry but i’m really, realy pissed off.

Please return update to the previous version and never touch it again!


You can downgrade to the old version, which will never be touched again (because Google no longer allows uploading outdated apps). Read here how to downgrade: How to downgrade to an earlier version?

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The original devs who created k9 mail must have been pissed off too by the new arrogant developer who destroyed everything that made k9 mail so special.


There is no new developer. The developer who made the new UI has been the main developer since 2014. Source: Release K-9 Mail v4.900 (alpha) · k9mail/k-9 · GitHub


Done! Reinstalled old version.
And i turned off all automatic upload functions.

Some advise, please implement in every new update one simple buttom to revers update.

From experience and from then latest responds at playstore, this simple reverse buttom could safe your rating level. As you recognize, all last responds are all from angry user. There is none latest positive reflection.

This update was maybe well intentioned, but barely programed without to take account of the needs of the user.

For user like me it is very important to see all email accounts and how many incoming email are located in which account WHITHOUT extra scrolling, tapping or opening new siders.

If you reflect that you have a unique app, one of the best you can get, than every change should be taken with caution and please do not offer an automatic updated.


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Not possible. Google does not allow downgrading.


Anybody that already left a positive review years ago can’t leave another positive one, so all the happy users (like me) won’t show up in the latest reviews.
Users that have nothing to complain about don’t usually flock to a forum just to say “Thank you!” either, so the bad vibes here or in the Playstore aren’t really an accurate indication of how users feel about the new K-9 :slightly_smiling_face:


Very true. So I will add my voice to the ‘happy users’ list. I’ve been using the new UI for a while in the v5.7nn betas. It works very well for me. Thanks!


Yes you can! Just edit your review and resubmit. It is sufficient to change one single character for that, e.g. remove a period or add one.


Turns out I never left a review all those years ago when I 1st started using K-9, whoops.

I did so now, 5 stars from me @cketti (and everybody else involved) :gift_heart:


I’d also add myself to the “happy” fraction. I followed the 5.7x betas for quite a while and watched the new version becoming better and better.
Thanks @cketti


Unfortunately it seems the latest Play Store update has forcefully turned on auto updates by default. I have no idea if it can be turned back off as the Play app just force closes on launch now on my phone. Downgrading would only work till the auto update check (<hour).

Edit: The F-Droid downloads pointed to as a workaround for auto-updates only have 5.8 versions of the APK…

The F-Droid version is still available in the F-Droid archive: https://f-droid.org/archive/com.fsck.k9_26000.apk

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I’m not a long time K-9 user. I just started a couple of months ago. But like you, I’m used to being able to open my email app and see all of my accounts and how many new emails are in each. I think that’s VERY IMPORTANT!

While I do otherwise enjoy 5.8 (what I started with), I think the Dev should bring back that one thing. I mean it’s not like the entire app would have to be rewritten.

I’m thinking about trying the older version, but I am concerned that one of the features I need (that 5.8 has) won’t be in 5.7. The ability to open up a Sent email and edit it as if it’s a new email, then resend it. 99.9% of apps will do it as if you’re using Reply and so what you end up resending is your own reply to your own email, instructing the recipient to read what’s quoted below the Signature. How dumb is that?! And when I explain it to a Developer and ask them to make it an actual “Resend” feature instead of a “Reply to myself but send it to the original Recipient”, they either just don’t get it, don’t care, or insist it’s correct.

And so since I run my business from my phone and often need to resend the same email with maybe minor edits, or attachments added, or simply because I didn’t get a response. My point is that when I saw that it is done correctly in K-9, I was very happy about that! :slight_smile:

But I don’t know if I can live without the accounts being shown. So I guess I’ll try 5.7 and see if it has both of these things.

As for development, I’m surprised the newer version didn’t just jump to 6.0 instead. That would have left room to still develop the older version. I work with developers and whenever they run into a situation where a lot of loyal users are clamoring for an older feature that’s now missing, I advise them to keep the old version going and just rename it and it’s worked quite well!

Like in this case, it could be “K-9 Mail Classic”. Heck, it can even start at v1.0 again and just make whatever tweaks are needed to keep it running in newer versions of Android, or to squash a bug and between the name and the occasional bug fix update, it’ll keep Google from calling it a dead app. And they could even charge $1.49 for it or something to make it worth their while to keep two K-9’s up. I’d gladly pay for it! :slight_smile:

Anyway, that’s my 14.26547 cents worth. :slight_smile:


I got auto-updated yet again already since last night even though I did manage to turn that back off, Play it’s just ignoring the setting right now. This also explains why I didn’t get any email at work today, 5.8 doesn’t give any notifications after being updated without being manually launched.

Thanks for the direct link. There was nothing older than 5.8.000 on the the F-Droid page.

On FDroid, settings>,repositories>enable archives
You will then see 5.6.

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I do not see repositories on my lg8 phone

@dod140 Welcome to o the forum.

Have you really checked in F-Droid? The settings are independent of the manufacturer as well as the OS derivative used.

When in F-Droid, on the bottom right tap on “Settings”. Then select the second item: “Repositories”
Finally, enable the “F-Droid Archive” repository. (If you do not have custom repositories that are alphabetically preceding, this should be the first repository in the list)

Once done, restart F-Droid and refresh the repositories by going to “Updates” and force-refreshing (pull down from the top). After that you should be able to find K-9‘s older versions once you search for K-9 and scroll do the list of versions…

There sure is a lot of controversy around the new UI.

I’ve only used K-9 mail for about a month and the old UI was still the default. While I enjoyed the throwback to Holo’s 2011(!) design patterns things have moved on quite a lot since then, and it’s not all bad!

I welcome the new and improved much more modern Material design that has been put into place and I appreciate the effort going into such a massive update. I’ve been on the developer end of old and obsolete designs and it’s a bear to update it coherently, having to make tough decisions and choices because the UX will be affected.

I like the Unified inbox massively. Maybe it’s because I’m used to Google’s way of doing things; I don’t know or care, the Unified inbox is a keeper!

However, I’m not keen about the top actionbar, phones are huge in this day and age, and reaching to the top for every single action is cumbersome. Some way of combining e.g. a FAB and maybe tabbed navigation could remedy some of this, but anyways, I constantly get reminded about the awkwardness of working with the app on my Pixel 5 because of its size and the action buttons being stuck at the top.

Keep up the good work, @cketti et. al (and keep incrementally adjusting based on the feedback).


I’m absolutely to the unhappy fraction. The most necessary thing to change is, to have the option to start (and end!) with the overview of all email accounts. I have 5 accounts and want to see e.g. the unread messages in each account.
At the moment the app directly quits if you click back. Additionally it is more complicated now to switch between the accounts.