iCloud email not opening

I have multiple email accounts and all are working except the IMAP icloud. When I touch an email to read, instead it goes DIRECTLY to reply! It’s very strange.

Sounds like the folder you’re in is configured as Drafts folder. You can change this under Settings > [Account] > Folders > Drafts folder.

Ok. That just started so I don’t know why it would change. It works now as an inbox.
Meanwhile, where are my other folders? Sent is missing. It is VERY important. Trash is also missing.
All this worked for POP accounts, but not IMAP account.

And now, since I don’t have a Drafts folder, I CAN’T save a draft.

OK: I fixed it. This is just for the IMAP iCloud account:

  1. set the program to show all folders
  2. set all the folders to having NO class.
  3. Go through them setting the ones I want to 1st Class or 2nd Class, setting the Poll to match the class and setting the Push to No class (that’s the cause of the battery drain - and I don’t always have a connection).
  4. so I still have confusing duplication of Trash/Deleted, and Sent/Sent Messages, but at least they have all returned.
    Strangely OUTBOX will not go away!!
    It would have been nice if the app had kept my prior settings. But at least I have access to all my folders again.

The POP accounts are working fine, but I REALLY MISS THE OVERVIEW PAGE with my lovely colors…