I just don't get the new UI

Since the UI changes I have keep trying to figure out if I have missed something in the way I am using the app.

I have 2 work email accounts and some personal ones (6 accounts in total) - I don’t like to mix context, so I never use a unified mail view. So I switch between accounts a lot, which with the new UI, now causes issues:

  • The navigation between account mailboxes and overview is inconsistent. I can swipe to enter an inbox (nice), but when in a inbox, swiping does not return me to the overview, but rather to an expanded view of the mailbox. And the getting back from there is confusing.

  • I don’t understand what the profile or account selectors at the top of the overview screen do - there are three of them and I have six accounts, so they don’t seem to help much.

  • With all the swiping now required, I cannot swipe to delete an item.

I just got done trying FairEmail. I still prefer K9 (just)- more is reliable, lightweight, can be configured not to poll the server unless needed (easier on the battery), is much easier to configure and does not have a lot of unnecessary complexity.

K9 is a great app - I keep thinking I am not “getting” how the new UI works - which is frustrating.

Mh… yes, as far as I remember in past versions of 5.80x it worked as expected (at least to my expectations): when I am in account view and select an account it showed inbox, and when opening the overview again it stayed in all accounts overview. I guess this is a bug - at least I did not find a setting where I could change that behavior.

@stphn - thanks for the response. For what it’s worth - I am using version 5.904. I am not sure this is a bug - for me I just don’t like the way the UI is forcing in-out of the expanded folder list when most of the time I don’t need it. And I also cannot see how to change that behavior.