I hate the new interface

This mornig I was surprised of the new update of K9.

Finally after some testing: for me complete trash.
I have several accounts and only what I want to know is:
are there a new mails in my diffrend accounts?
I do not need to know the topic of all mails in an overview.

And also the behaviour of opening and erasing is totally strange now.

I immediately looked for a diffrend app.
Until I found a notice that I might find the old Apk.

Deinstalled V5800 and Reinstalled V5600.
Al is fine now. But I have to avoid further updates.

Why does any developer try to repair something what does not need to be done?
The V5800 is a complete new App.
A better solution would be to give this as a new App in the Appstore.
Maybe K10 Mail…


It happens rarely that I downgrade an app or application to a previous version. This time I did / have to.

I am totally fine with some renovation from time to time and I am absolutely fine with bugfixes / security upgrades and I am aware that if the underlaying infrastructure changes (improves/evolves), software should adopt it.

Not every new version is a winner right from the start, and I am willing to follow the next changes and hope enough of the feedback is taken into account.

But this time it really broke my user experience with the following points:

  • Missing checkbox to quickly mark mails (make it available as an option to turn on and off)
  • Menubar at the top: Not what I am used to, but even more annoying you have to do more clicks/touches to reach the same result (make the position adjustable as a user setting, maybe even think of giving the user an option which buttons are to be shown)
  • Unified Inbox: Might be helpful in some cases, but make it adjustable (I have 4 different roles / jobs and I rely on them to be separated regarding the mails.
  • Folderlist - idea is good, solution is not, the fontsize is to small to be readable well. But if you use multiple layers of folders it gets messy - I would love to have tree-like structure instead of the “.”-separator there.

So for the time being I downgraded to 5.6 (thanks for the detailed instructions). Looking forward to improvements in the current version.

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If you turn on displaying contact pictures (on by default), you can quickly mark mails by clicking the contact pictures.

You can select which folders should appear in the unified inbox by pressing “manage folders”.