I can't backup my settings?

It creates an empty file (zero size) in my Download folder, that’s all.

v6.602 from F-Droid.

A log might help, also your device and Android version.

GalaxyS22, Android13.

And the log

I’m just a user and those logs always look chinese to me lol. But I’m sure someone else will be able to help.

When I export my K9 settings, I’m getting a failure error dialog. There was a file, but it got zapped off to my Google Drive. It’s 16kb in size and should have details for 16 accounts. I don’t think they are all here as I look at it.

Net - there might be some export issues. More data points might help, especially those with multiple accounts.

I have 4 accounts.
v6.602 from F-Droid.
Settings exported with no problem: 33KB file created on micron SD card, and synched fine with NextCloud sync client

Mine is definitely bombing out in the settings of a gmail account I have. Here’s the last several lines of my settings. This truncates mid setting.

        <value key="alwaysBcc"></value>
        <value key="alwaysShowCcBcc">false</value>
        <value key="archiveFolderSelection">MANUAL</value>
        <value key="autocryptMutualMode">false</value>
        <value key="automaticCheckInt

I’ve isolated my export settings issue to one of my two gmail accounts. Not ideal, not a blocker either, and certainly puzzling. Given time, I might try to delete the account and add it back, unless any others have advice.

Anyone have an idea what ui setting goes with “automaticCheckInterval” by chance? My last backup has a value of -1 for this setting, which currently bombs out on an export.

Edit: I just went ahead and removed the account and added it back. Maybe the OP could do something similar to what I did by removing all the accounts from export, adding them back until export fails. If they have a similar problem.