I am unable to add Yahoo account

Whenever I try to add my yahoo account to k9 it gives me error saying incorrect username or password. I checked the username and password and they are correct. I am able to add account with the same credentials in bluemail app but for some reason I am unable to add my account to k9mail.

I am using the settings mentioned here,

You need to set up an App Password within Yahoo. Go to Account Security to create it, and use it as the password within the K9 app settings for fetching and sending messages


I wrote this for myself recently (in spanish).

First have this info at hand:

IMAP server settings for Yahoo Mail
Incoming Mail (IMAP) Server
Server - imap.mail.yahoo.com
Port - 993
You require SSL - Yes
Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server
Server - smtp.mail.yahoo.com
Port - 465 or 587
You require SSL - Yes
You require authentication - Yes

Second, from the Yahoo mail in the browser:

Account Information
Account security
Manage application passwords
Select “Android Mail”, and “Generate”

  • That will give us a code, which must be entered (without spaces) as a password in K9.

With the above additional information, will that now cause K-9 to properly receive Yahoo mail via PUSH? Currently, PUSH isn’t working with Yahoo or AOL Mail and have to manually poll every (fill in the blank) minutes in order to check/receive mail from those accounts.

I am able to use the current Yahoo and AOL passwords as they are, in K-9, without having to request the separate application password.

hello! thank you for this tutorial.
but, i’m interested is this “android mail” generated password affecting standard yahoo mail password, or it is JUST for k9mail? for instance, will i use that same k9 password for mail program on another device and/or thunderbird?
or, it is now connected to k9mail on specific device (which i cant rename) or it is password for range of devices/k9 inastallations?

huh, i hope you understand! :wink:

thanks in advance!

Generally, you will want to generate a separate app-specific password for every device you use. This maximizes security, and makes it easy to revoke permission for just one device should it get lost or stolen.

for now, this is only app that wants separate password. but remembering all of them in this format is something that is not user friendly at all.

ok, it is one-time input, but what if i need to restore tablet, reinstall windows etc. i’m not sure (ok, i do not know) will those passwords “work” on that new installations or something like that.

but, yes, it is more secure, i agree with you.
thanks for answer, i just hope someone will write possible multi-app usage.


The idea is that you are not supposed to remember these passwords. If you need to reinstall, you simply generate a new one and delete the previous one.

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My experience is that you may use the same password for k9-mail on any device. I did it on 3 different phones, Nokia, Samsung and Wiko.

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Hi, sorry the delay.
It is just for connect k9mail on specific device.

Pay attention that only the generation of app password with yahoo works only with Chrome browser and not with firefox at least on my pc. With firefox I keep receiving “unknown app” message

K-9 now supports yahoo’s OAuth 2.0 implementation, which should be easier to deal with than their app password generation process.