How to synchronize sent directory under IMAP?

What do I have to do to see messages sent from any of my other devices? This currently does not seem working, at all??

What do you mean with This currently does not seem working, at all??? Do you have an empty sent folder? Do you have no sent folder? Do the mails from K-9 appear on the other devices? Do you use POP3 or IMAP on all devices? Please explain some more.

I use IMAP on all devices, have a sent folders under K9 and under Thunderbird each.

Messages sent from Thunderbird appear under Thunderbird its IMAP folder sent (Gesendet), but not in the sent folder under K9.

Messages sent from K9 appear under K9 in its IMAP folder sent (Gesendet), but not in the sent folder under Thunderbird.

Me Too. I have about 10 imap folders and they are all empty except for inbox, outbox, sent mail, trash, and drafts. Maybe 2nd class doesn’t sync AT ALL.

I had 2nd/3rd/4th folders synced when I tested an IMAP account. There are options in the account settings for which class of folders to poll though, not sure what this is by default but I do remember changing it to “poll all folders” though.

Problem is possibly solved now (incorrect imap server address). But, now I have two sent folders and two trash folders on one of several accounts.

In the settings of this account, open “folders” and verify that the name of the trash folder and the other one are the same as in the server.

The problem seems to be more general. Although I use IMAP on all devices, the number and the names of the folders are different under a same account. Is there no automatism for synchronizing this first?

Setting folder for deleted messages to Papierkorb brought following, after deleting a message:

  1. Folder Papierkorb disappeared.
  2. Folder Trash is still empty.
  3. Click on Folder Sent opens folder with title Papierkorb having the deleted message.
    Can this behaviour be correct?

Same problem for me.
On the server the folder is named “Envoyé” and on the K9 android application is name “Sent” and I can’t rename it.
When I sent an email from my mobile the mail does not appear in “Sent” folder but when I sent an email from the server or Thunderbird the mail appears in that Sent folder on my mobile.

It worked perfectly before the great update of the App above one month ago

What do I have to do to solve this please ?

Nobody can help ?? :confused:

Note sure, but on a hunch… if you go to Settings, then choose the account with your issue, then tap Folders, are the K9 folders correct with those on the server?

Sent Folder

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No precisely as I explained on my 1st message. Folder name are diffent between server and K9.
Thanks for you help

There are special folders that are automatically translated depending on the software used. Can you check the the server settings whether your server allows for this behaviour?

It was a good idea, thanks. So from the server, I change the language of the interface to set it in English, the folder is now named “SENT” as in K9 app. But it does not work anymore :(.
Thank you for your help

A find a solution to my problem on another topic :
Go to “Settings” in the sidebar, select your account, select “Folders” and there you can select which folder on the server acts as archive, sent, trash, junk, or drafts folder.