How to store emails on SD card

According to a post here, one can store K9-mail emails on an SD card, as follows:

  • Go to Settings → Account Settings.
  • Check for the Storage option
  • Select the SDCard instead of internal storage

However, when I go to Settings → Account settings, I can’t see a “Storage” option.

Any ideas?


That post was from ELEVEN YEARS ago. Things changed a lot since then, most devices don’t even HAVE external SD cards nowadays. So no, you can’t change the storage location any more.

I have an internal SD card as do many other Android users. Most Android apps allow one to store their data on their internal SD card rather than on their buiilt-in storage. Why not K-9 Mail?

What do you mean “internal SD card”? If you can remove it then it’s an external one - the internal storage is called SDcard in most devices now since barely any OEMs still add the option to insert a removable SD card. I think only about 10 new devices still have them.

Google blocked that “apps to SD” stuff a long time ago already anyway, for reasons only they will know.