How to show the sender name?

I receive lots of notification mails from gitlab. K-9 only show the address of the sender ( instead of the user name (e.g. linsui (@linsui)). It does work for github. Is that because the parentheses in the sender name?

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How is your gitlab configured? Is it set to include the username in the “from” field? My gitlab is not set up that way, so I only receive the email address (as the “from” field is empty).

Or is your gitlab setup with “from” field, thus other mail user agents (e.g. Thunderbird) show it properly, and only K-9 does not?

My gitlab emails has the from field e.g. linsui (@linsui). FairEmail and Thunderbird display it.

Note that the k-9 does know the sender name since it generate a image from the sender name. But it refuses to display it in text.

Can you “show headers” from 3dot menu on the mail and look what the header “From:” shows?
It should be something in format name to be displayed <mail adress>.

Yes, it’s From: "linsui (@linsui)" <> for example.

Right now the email address is always displayed when the name contains an @ symbol. The idea behind that was to not make it appear like the email was sent from alice@domain.example when the To header field value is e.g. "alice@domain.example" <mallory@evil.example>.

I’ll change the code to allow names that only contain an @ symbol preceded by (.