How to set Spam and the way to save emails

Hi, there.
How can I save some emails, for a later review.

Also a want to know the way to set a email as Spam?

Thank you.

J C. León.

The control of message display in your K9 inbox depends on your account type (imap/pop) and your “settings/[account/]fetching mail” settings.

If pop, the messages will stay there until you delete them.

With imap, the “sync server deletions” setting will impact whether a message is removed from the K9 inbox display when it is moved/deleted from the server’s mailbox by another client or process. If that box is checked, the client and server inboxes will be kept in sync.

For spam … if you have a spam folder configured “settings/[account/]folders” then you can move a message to that (server-side) folder. What happens to it on the server side is a server issue. In some environments messages in that folder are used to inform subsequent message handling. In others it’s just a repository of mail you don’t want to read.

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Thank you. Have a nice day.!