How to set (default) folder class in bulk?

I used K-9 years ago and have returned to it. So far, so good but I have one question. If this is a FAQ or known question, please point me in the right direction. I searched, but found nothing revealing.

I want to push my inbox and a few select folders, but poll the rest less frequently. I understand how to do this with folder classes. My folders are apparently set by default to 1st Class but somehow the concept of the more “important” folders being a lower class than 1st seems backward. So I’d like to set them all to None then set only the appropriate ones to 1st, 2nd, whatever.

However, I can’t find a way to bulk-set the folder classes, i.e., do them all at once. I have a lot of folders over multiple accounts. Do I have to go through each and every one, manually setting it to None?

Also, when new ones are added, will they default to 1st or can I set the new folder default class?


[ Edit ] – Oops, forgot to mention I’m running 6.602 on Android 13, Google Pixel 4a

Well, I was partially correct. Upon further checking, when I spot-checked a few folders earlier they were already 1st class, but that’s apparently only the ‘default’ IMAP folders (inbox, outbox, trash, etc.) and not my custom folders. My folders are all no class, which is good.

I have my inboxes and a subset of other folders (which are automatically populated by inbox-skipping filters) set to 1st class, with all others to None. I poll all folders hourly and push 1st class. So I should get new incoming messages immediately and all other folder / message modifications (including failed pushes, if any) within the hour.

I think I’m good but am still interested if there’s a way to bulk-set folder classes.

A nice UI touch would be a column(s) on the folder list showing classes, etc. That way it wouldn’t be necessary to open every filter’s properties to check.