How To Prioritize The Email In K9Mail

Dear Community Members

How can I prioritize the emails based on the priority. As everyday I received many mails but don’t know how to set priority as other email clients. I want to keep important mails on priority which can I easily read and send reply instantly. As per this mlops engineer blog, it’s easy to keep important email on top priority to make responses quick and easy. However, I tried this Importance/Priority · Issue #4033 · thunderbird/thunderbird-android · GitHub but didn’t understand how to setup it.

And is there any way to configure this app with my default email app in Android phone.


I’d recommend to think about doing as much categorization on the server side. That could be applying a star to the email, or perhaps moving it to one of several folders based upon sender or text in the email.

Then view the starred email or the particular folder.

The star will work in K9 and once sync’d, on the server side in your mailbox.

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