How to print an email

How can I print an email? I have a Samsung Galaxy S21 FE with Android 13. I have a Canon printer.

I can’t find a print option anywhere.


Have you tried sharing the email to Samsung Print Service Plugin?

I have a Default Print Service, but it doesn’t show when I select share in K-9. Nothing shows regarding printing when I select share in K-9.

Why isn’t there a print option in the K-9 menu? All the other mail programs I’ve used have a print option.


I don’t ever print from my phone, but when I tap the overflow menu in the K-9 message header, then select Share, followed by More, I have Samsung Print Service Plugin available as an option. I expect that should be able to get your message to a compatible printer, even if you have to dig a little deeper in the share menu than the app suggests on this screen.

I have been using “PrinterShare Mobile Print” on all my Samsung devices
( to print to a network attached Canon printer.
I can do this by opening the email and then select “share” from the more menu in the email (not the one on top), followed by selecting the “PrinterShare” icon.

Something interesting, the preview shown by “PrinterShare” highlights two problems with the K-9 message display. First is that the print details correctly shows the date/time the message was send (instead of “Sun”) and it shows the recipient email address (instead of “me”).

Thanks linkp and Ernst.

I had two print services defined on my phone (I finally found where they are defined). They were “Default Print Service” and “Canon Print Service”. Neither showed up when I opened an email and selected “share”. I added “Samsung Print Service” and that does show up in K-9 so now I am able to print from K-9.

Ernst, you are right about the actual recipient email address showing instead of “me”. I’m really not sure why ByteHamster is so resistant to having an option to do this in K-9 itself.


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I’m even less sure of why K-9 requires this. Why is there no print option in K-9. Every other email client I’ve used has had a print option. Other apps that I have other than email programs also have print options. What is the reason for not having a print option???


It could simply be that the developers never had the need to print from their mobile. I never have. That isn’t meant to invalidate your desire to print from mobile. I just mean to illustrate that it is a function that I would never have thought to include if I were the one writing the application.

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I never used to, but now I do it once in awhile, often when I am not near my computer.

As younger folks tend to have only phones or maybe a phone and a tablet nowadays (at least in my experience), it seems to make sense to include that capability. Most other apps have it.



I print from my phone frequently. Problem with printing from share menu is document gets re-loaded, sometimes asking for login in the print preview. Today this happened with confirmation email from restaurant. Only work-around was to open in gmail app.