How to open google email backup on K-9

I have downloaded the backup of all my gmail emails. The backup is in .mbox format.

I have copied the backup in the /downloads directory of my android phone.

I have K-9 installed on my android phone.

How do I open the backup in K-9 so that I can browse through, access, read, search the emails from my backup?

Can someone please let me or guide me to the steps to achieve this.

I found multiple help documents online to do it on a machine using thunderbird - how to read google .mbox backup on thunderbird. But nothing on K-9 on Android.

Would really appreciate the help.


You don’t. K-9 Mail doesn’t do that.

Thanks. Is there a different way to do this? Being able to access emails through .mbox on Android without Gmail.

Gmail has an import emails feature. But all it does is upload all emails to google again, thus re-consuming the freed space.


That is something that I would be doing on a PC running Linux or BSD, so I unfortunately cannot offer any insight into performing that task on an Android device.

Hrm. (thinking out loud). You could install Thunderbird and import/configure/hack that gmail .mbox. It would then be a local folder in that Thunderbird profile.

You could then configure any other IMAP provider in Thunderbird, and move the email there from the local mbox to your IMAP provider.

If you read the threads here about POP3 (or lack of) such support, you’ll see that keeping files on a mobile is somewhat risky.