How To Move All Settings To A New Phone?

HI all,
Just starting to look into this but so far have found nothing conclusive.
I am switching from a Galaxy S8 to a S10 and would like to move my K9 to the new phone.
Is there a way to export/import all of my settings etc. so I don’t have to go through and reset up the app?

Thanks for any advice.

Yes, there is a “Settings Import & Export” button in the three-dots menu on the accounts list screen. It will carry over everything except your account passwords.

Thanks, I think I tried something like that when I moved to the S8 but it didn’t work.
Don’t remember know what went wrong though.

Not on my version of K-9. Looked everywhere for it. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong place. I select Settings from when I have the Inbox displayed.

Longpress the account name and then you’ll see it for each account, tap the 3-dot menu for all settings :slight_smile:
That’s on the old version btw, but I’m guessing the new one will be similar.

Many thanks for your help. I’m being a bit naive but I can’t see where Accounts is located. When I select Settings in the 3-dot menu, I just have three options

Folder settings
Account settings
Global settings

None of them have an option to show Accounts and so I guess this must be one level up in the menu hierarchy. But how to get there ?

Edit: Found it ! All sorted thanks.

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